Prince William and Princess Catherine Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary With a Never-Before-Seen Photo

As Kate Middleton continue to battle cancer, the couple is also celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary.

With a never before seen photo from their wedding day, Prince William and Princess Catherine shared the black and white image on Instagram with the caption, “13 years ago today.”

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The last time Princess Catherine has been seen in public was back in March, two weeks before she announced to the world that she is battling an undisclosed form of cancer.

TMZ and The Sun managed to obtain the video of Prince William and Princess Catherine walking through a farmer’s market near the home they share with their children.

The outing and the video comes after Kate had come under intense media scrutiny when the AP issued a kill notification against her Mother’s Day photo which she later admitted to editing.

This new video seems to confirm reports from the outing. William and Kate were seen walking side-by-side with smiles on both of their faces.

Kate Middleton appeared relaxed and healthy with no visible ailments despite everything that has been reported about her. Both she and William were dressed down. Kate was wearing a black windbreaker with black leggings and sneakers, while William wore a cap, a blue jacket, and jeans.

Several people were quick to comment on Kate’s weight. However, as celebrity fitness guru Jillian Michaels told TMZ, she thinks Kate Middleton looks “just fine,” adding that it’s common for people who undergo major surgeries to lose weight during the recovery process. To Julia, Kate looks normal.

Although their three children weren’t seen with the prince and princess while they were at the farmer’s market, The Sun reported that they were also seen watching their children play sports earlier in the day.

As TMZ reports, a witness who saw Prince William and Kate Middleton at the market, Nelson Silva said he “noticed a couple choosing loaves of bread and the woman turned her face and I felt like I had seen the face before. It was familiar. I knew it from somewhere.”

“I went to my car and as they came out of the shop I just filmed them. I think they walked out through a gate out of the grounds,” Silva continued. “They just vanished and I didn’t see a car. I just wanted to share with my family footage and show just how normal they were.”






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