Family Releases Emotional Video Honoring Their Son At Hospital Before Donating His Organs

Social media challenges have become increasingly popular with teens over the past few years. Everything from eating ghost peppers to pouring a bucket of ice water over themselves has become a way to accumulate likes and comments on social media posts.

One challenge that went terribly wrong for a teenager from Indiana is called the choking challenge. Mason Bogard, a 15-year-old from Evansville, saw others participating in the challenge and decided to give it a try.

That decision was one that would cost him his life. After passing out from choking himself, Mason was rushed to the hospital where doctors worked tirelessly for days in an attempt to save his life.

When it became clear that there was nothing else they could do for Mason, doctors approached the Bogard family with the possibility of donating his organs.

While they knew there was nothing they could do to bring Mason back, knowing that his donation would save several lives made the devastating ordeal a bit more bearable.

As Mason was wheeled into organ donation surgery on May 6, dozens of doctors, nurses, hospital staff, friends, and family lined the hallway outside of the operating room to pay tribute to this brave young man.

At the end of the walk down the hallway, Mason’s immediate family stopped to say their final goodbyes.

Steve Bogard, Mason’s distraught father, said a few touching last words to his son which conveyed how proud he was of him. “Go be a hero, buddy”, he wept.

His mother, Joann Bogard, and sister were also there to hug Mason one last time.

As family and friends mourned the loss of their beloved Mason, a member of the organ donation team captured the emotional moment on video.

Joann went on to share the video to social media in order to spread the word about the dangers of the choking challenge and other viral challenges. The family has named the initiative “Mason’s Message” with a goal to prevent other families from suffering the loss of a loved one.

Mason’s organ donation saved six lives.

While his story is tragic, it has helped raise awareness of organ donation and how it can impact the lives of others.

You can watch his story in the video below:

If you’re not already signed up to be an organ donor, does Mason’s story make you more likely to consider it? Help spread “Mason’s Message” by passing this video along to your loved ones.






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