Tough 70-Year-Old Teacher Has No Kids Or Wife, Students Expose Real Truth They Had To Report

Jim O’Connor, a Vietnam veteran whose nature is straight uptight, currently works as a mathematics teacher. He is known to keep short hair and retains the military hairstyle. He is always alert like an eagle watching his students.

Owing to his many years in military service, Jim maintains his commanding voice that no student would dare defy. He rarely condones teenagers’ edginess and any noise in his classroom.

According to TODAY, Jim has built a respected character in St. Francis High School, California, where he teaches algebra and calculus. Even the rowdiest of teenage boys take off their hats in Jim’s presence. It was until they learnt of Jim’s other side that they were baffled beyond expectations.

Out of class, Jim is an entirely a different character from the strict figure he puts. On weekends and after class at 5 p.m., he drops his strictness and turns into a baby whisperer. Jim volunteers at a children’s hospital in Los Angeles, where he sacrifices his time, multiple days per week, to give care to ill infants.

He has been volunteering for over 20 years now. The mathematics teacher started his volunteer work at the hospital ages back when a pal convinced him to contribute towards making certain blood drive successful.

With O negative blood type, Jim is as a universal donor. He began frequenting the hospital to donate blood and platelets. Since his first contact with the hospital, he has managed to give out 72 gallons of blood and is one of the facility’s top blood donors.

After a few interactions in the facility, Jim could watch sick babies struggling to recover from various illnesses. To his surprise, he found out just how much of a huge cuddler he was. With no kids, Jim had found his second occupation, only that he did it freely.

Jim confesses to loving the kids and taking care of them. The medics at the hospital are fond of him, mostly because he is a kids’ magnet. The video shows where Jim fuels all his love and care to the ill babies.

The medical staffs, in turn, adore him and only hold him in high regard due to the sacrifices he makes for the kids. Watch how he has earned his respect and nickname from his students.

Does Jim’s story touch your heart? Do you know anyone who lives a “double life” just like Mr. O’Connor? Let us know in the comments – and feel free to pass this along to your friends and family!






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