3 Teens Pushed A Woman’s Broken Down Car For 5 Miles As She Couldn’t Afford To Pay For A Tow Truck

Car problems can be the absolute worst. If you don’t have roadside coverage, getting your vehicle to the mechanic can cost a lot of money. Thankfully, there are good samaritans that may stop what they are doing and help you out like this group of teenagers from Canada. They stopped to help a woman who was in need and their story has gone viral.

When a group of Canadian teens saw a woman on the side of the highway with smoke coming out of her engine, they decided to get out and help. The three teenagers, Billy Tarbett, Bailey Campbell, and Aeron McQuillin, came upon the lady around midnight when they were headed to a fast-food chain for something to eat.

“We didn’t have anything else to do and we really wanted to help her,” said Billy Tarbett told CBC News.

Dan Morrison also stopped to see if the woman needed any help. He wrote on social media later about the incident,

“This poor lady got this car 6 weeks ago, and it now looks like needs a new engine. She cannot afford a tow, and can’t leave the car there. I then hear ‘you boys ready for a push?’ They couldn’t leave this lady stranded, so these young men pushed a strangers car…”

“We weren’t really thinking of how far it’d be. We were just jamming out,” said Tarbett to CBC News.

It is estimated the boys pushed the woman’s car more than five miles to her home.

“We were always raised to help, no matter what the situation was,” said Tarbett to the Canadian News. “We were helping her but also she was helping us, doing a workout.”

After hours of pushing, the teens finally made it to the drivers home. “We actually didn’t think we’d be able to make it the whole way,” McQuillin said to CBC News. Morrison’s post went viral and the boys were overwhelmed with heartfelt messages from strangers. Morrison told CNN,

“There is so much negativity in the world; people want something positive. When something like this happens, it becomes contagious… Everyone has had car problems and can relate.”

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