Adopted Dog Refused to Leave Missing Texas Woman, 84, Found Unconscious after a 2-Day Search

When an 84-year-old Texas woman with dementia went missing, her nephew searched for her to no avail. Two days later, he answered a call from an unknown number. The caller knew where the woman was.

Some people develop memory issues as they get older. They struggle to remember things like their home address and phone number. In such cases, their family members ensure they never go outside unattended.

The man in today’s story spent two days searching for his elderly aunt in the neighborhood after he realized she was missing. When the authorities were about to begin the search operation, he received a call from a man who knew where the woman was.

It was a regular day for 84-year-old Pearl Radcliff when she left her house for a walk with her dog, Maximus, on September 7, 2022. Soon, her nephew, Dawne Griffith, realized something was not right. His aunt never left the house for that long.

Since Radcliff had a memory loss problem, Griffith feared she might forget her way back home. He immediately left his house and searched for his aunt in his Texas neighborhood. He said:

“I went as far as I think she would have gone to the right and circled around.”

The Phone Call
Griffith spent two days searching for his aunt, to no avail. Then, he requested help from the Texas Equusearch volunteers, who helped find missing persons. As the team prepared to look for Radcliff, Griffith’s phone rang. An anxious Griffith asked:

“You found her?”

The person on the other end said Radcliff was at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital. The authorities found her unconscious on a sidewalk, with her hero, Maximus, by her side. The loyal black lab mix never left her alone during the two days she was away from home.

Radcliff’s furry friend seemed to have been with her for years, but that wasn’t true. She adopted him nine days before she went missing. Those days were enough for him to understand that he needed to stand by her side during tough times.

Texas Center for the Missing had posted a photo of Radcliff to help find her. They had shared where she was last seen and left the Houston Police Department’s number in their post. After she was found, they wrote:

“Texas Center for the Missing has CANCELLED a Houston Regional Silver Alert on behalf of the Houston Police Department for Pearl Radcliff.”

Griffith said he felt “relieved” after receiving the call from the hospital. He also felt proud of Maximus, who was no less than a hero. The little pup stayed at the animal control center while Radcliff was in the hospital.

After answering the call, Griffith headed straight to Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital to meet his aunt. He wanted to find out what had happened to her after she left the house with Maximus.

Sadly, Radcliff couldn’t remember anything, but the good news was that she was doing fine. Staying outdoors for two days hadn’t affected her health, but it was a lesson for her family to learn from. They now planned to take precautions for her safety.

Safety Precautions
The Equusearch team told KHOU 11 that they frequently dealt with cases like Radcliff’s. Angelina Farris from Equusearch said people could use tracking devices and cameras to keep their loved ones safe. She added:

“Any minute that passes is a danger to them.”

She also believed people could send their live location to their family on Whatsapp before leaving home, so they don’t get lost. Using technology can help people locate their loved ones.






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