Farmer Writes Poignant Message In Freshly Fallen Snow. Doesn’t Care It Will Offend Some (video)

It is our duty to spread Christmas joy during that time of the year. Perhaps you create your own Christmas cards and mail them out to your loved ones. Or maybe you bake cookies and bring them into your job and share them out with the people you love. Or maybe you have a great voice, so you go caroling spread the message of Christmas that way. But one group at Prunty Farms decided to do something else to give holiday cheer and joy to more people.

After ten inches of snow had dumped onto their field, one of the farmers hopped into the tractor and started off on his special Christmas mission.

Farmer Dan had only one chance to get it right. And if he was going to do it, he needed to lean on his years of experience behind the tractor. It was going to reach a lot of people if it worked.

Because he planned to imprint a message in the snow, he had only one chance. He couldn’t go back and fix the snow to make it fresh again. It would be already pushed down.

The other people at Prunty Farms had faith in Dan. They believed that he could do it. And as he set out into the field, they sent a camera into the sky to capture the entire thing for the world to see.

He drives through the vast field while his counterpart films the entire thing. Although Dan cannot see the work he is doing, he has faith that the spirit of Christmas is guiding him.

He plans to drive around two acres of land. And as he does this, another person launches the drone into the sky and films the magic unfolding. Although they won’t know the result until it is all done, they trust that it will all work out for the best.

And it more than works out.

They prayed that the result would please the people. But it did more than just please people, it went on to become a viral sensation. And although it was filmed two years ago, it has resurfaced online and become successful again.

Prunty Farms writes: “What do you get when you mix a Tractor, a Drone and 10″ of Snow? A TWO ACRE MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Hopefully, Santa will see it when he flies over on Christmas Eve!”

Viewers like you were astounded. The following were some of their comments:

“Very nice! Thank you and Merry Christmas!”

“WOW, the was very cool and Nice!!!”

This snow art reminds me of the North Dakota farmer who sacrificed his field to carve a political message into it criticizing the NFL players who are taking a knee during the national anthem.

It is a powerful statement for farmers, who are so often forgotten, to use the land they have to speak to the world.






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