Woman Publicly Shames The Passenger Next To Her For Eating This Meal On The Plane

In a tweet that has since gone viral across several different time zones, Lanna Tolland shared an image of a man on a recent plane ride. In the photo, you can see what the male passenger was eating while on the plane. The Scottish traveler, Tolland, was appalled and horrified to witness the man chowing down on a full rack of BBQ ribs during the flight – a meal known for being very messy.

The Twitter user shared that she saw the man ordering the full rack of ribs from the Frankie and Benny’s restaurant at the Glasgow airport. However, she did not think the man would board the plane with the massive meal and try to eat it next to all the other passengers who were hoping for a calm and easy flight experience.

The meal, which was loaded into a pizza box-sized container, included a full rack of BBQ ribs, buttered corn on the cob, as well as a full side order of French fries. The man saved his meal for the plane ride. However, he was located in a seat in the middle of the row, which meant that he was about to eat his entire meal sandwiched between two other passengers who wanted nothing to do with his binge eating.

Lanna Tolland was horrified by the man’s behavior. She snapped a photo of his meal and shared the image with her nearly four hundred followers on Twitter. Before long, her image exploded in popularity and went viral across the world.

Tolland captioned her viral tweet, “No chance is the guy next to me eating a full rack of ribs plus sides on this plane. Get the f*** out.”

Her tweet has been viewed by more than five million people since she posted it to the American social media platform last week. Many people shared their reactions in the comment section indicating that they largely agreed that the man should not be eating a full rack of BBQ ribs while on a plane midflight.

Some people joked that the man’s meal should be “illegal” on a plane.

One replied: “I don’t even like using my laptop on the plane in the middle seat…”

Another Twitter user added: “There’s a short list of foods that should be illegal to sell in an airport.”

“I’d ask to go to the restroom at least twice…” another person shared.

One person indicated that they believed the man with the BBQ ribs on the plane should be “sent to jail” for eating such a large and messy meal next to other passengers.

However, some people shared that they thought the man was very confident to open up such a messy meal on the plane, calling it a “power move.”

“Looks yummy,” one person said. “Good for him.”

“My man had the flight attendant running like a waitress,” another suspected. “Getting condiments and napkins!”

Some people went so far as to call the man with the BBQ ribs a “hero.” Another person wrote, “This man is living in the future.”






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