Things men notice first when looking at a woman

You may probably sometimes wonder what men think when they notice you in the street? You’ve often heard all those superstitions concerning men first looking at your butt and breasts. Well, according to the scientists, men pay attention to totally other things and those things don’t even have to concern your body. If you want to read men’s minds and get to know their first thoughts when you see each other, then continue reading! You may be quite surprised that men are not what a lot of women take for granted!

1. Eyes
Another common thing men notice first about a woman is her eyes. I’m sure you’ve heard that the eyes are the windows to your soul. They can tell us a lot about a person. It can be easy to find out if someone is lying to you or simply telling the truth. Eyes are real magnets that can attract and interest a stranger.

Surveys have shown that nearly 70 % of men pay attention to woman’s eyes first and only then to everything else. Don’t believe that it’s chest that men firstly pay attention to! It’s always easier for men to compliment woman’s eyes since women respond very approvingly to compliments about their eyes rather than other parts of the body.

2. Hair
Long, healthy and shiny hair can’t go unnoticed. A good condition of your hair is a sign of youth and good health! They say that blonde girls are more attractive to men but this is so untrue! Women of all hair colors have the same chance. Men have different preferences, some of them prefer blondes because they look more delicate, innocent, simply like angles. However, others will always search for brunette girls claiming that they look more mysterious.

Redheads also have their own chance because they look seductive and wild! He may pay attention to the way you style your hair and if they look unkempt and greasy then it definitely doesn’t look attractive. So instead of looking for some new dye to look different with new color, invest in moisturizing shampoos and conditioners and take a good care of your hair. Such an attitude will pay off and he won’t take his eyes off your shiny, healthy-looking hair.

3. Skin
Most men also pay attention to the way a woman’s skin looks. Numerous surveys have showed that a man sees a good complexion as a sure sign of health. Most men think that a woman with a healthy-looking complexion is healthy and she can produce healthy offspring.

4. Smile
A smiling woman is a signal that men don’t have to hesitate and can start flirtation! A smiling woman also means good nature, kindness, and sense of humor – who wouldn’t like to date such a person? A smiling woman simply works like a magnet drawing attention to her optimistic nature. Laughter is contagious so people around you can only feel better! Don’t say you are too shy to smile at that guy whom you barely know! You don’t need to say anything but smiling will work as an invitation.

Some girls say that they rarely smile because of their teeth. They are crooked or not so white. Well, this is not a good excuse, ladies! Commercials have been promoting a perfect smile without any flaws but this is just a commercial, it was probably photoshopped for many hours! And most men don’t have strict criteria allowing them to date only girls who look like models. They are also just normal guys with their own imperfections so they will understand your own too.

5. Dressing style
Probably, it’s a surprising thing but most men do notice a woman’s dressing style. A recent study has found that most men prefer a classy dresser to a woman who shows too much of her skin. Men love some mystery about women, but half-naked body reveals all the secrets. A great sense of style can tell a lot about you, keep it in mind! Your perfume and makeup tell about your taste. Your heels and accessories reveal your lifestyle and sophisticatio






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