Wayne Brady Involved in Car Accident

People are praying for Wayne Brady’s safety after reports revealed a car accident he was involved in turned into a physical altercation.
According to the latest reports, the Whose Line Is It Anyway? star was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California when another driver backed into his vehicle.

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Things got physical after Brady attempted to stop the other driver from fleeing the scene on foot. Responding officers however were able to detain the other driver and arrest him.

The unnamed driver now faces charges “of suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, hit-and-run property damage and battery.

Brady’s camp has not yet responded to the reports of the near hit-and-run and scuffle.

Forty-nine-year-old actor Wayne Brady took to Instagram to announce that his ex-wife, Mandie Taketa, and her boyfriend Jason Fordham have welcomed a newborn baby boy into their family through adoption. Incredibly, the television star included the fact that he would also be involved in the couple’s parenting process.

“Hey y’all, meet Sunny! I love this little man already,” Brady wrote in the caption of an Instagram video that showed him holding the baby. He then included, “They say it takes a village to raise a child and they’re right! The village of @mandietaketa, myself, and, @jasonmichaelfordham raised @theofficialmailiebrady.”

Brady and Taketa are the parents of Mailie Brady, but they recognize that Taketa’s boyfriend has also been very involved in raising their daughter. Now, it is the actor’s turn to return the favor.

He finished the caption of his Instagram post with the sentiments, “All children will know is love if that’s what you show them. I’m honored to be in his life as his ‘Duncle’ and I love Mandie and Jason for including me in their journey.”

During the video, the actor, who is also the godfather of little Sunny, expressed, “He’s gonna call me Duncle (Daddy/Uncle) because I plan on being around and doing all that stuff.”

Wayne Brady’s ex-wife gives thanks to the birth mother of her newborn son.
Similar to her ex-husband, Mandie Taketa also shared the exciting baby news over an Instagram video. “We’ve expanded our blended family. Welcome birth mom, Ana & Sundance-Isamu,” she stated in the caption.

“Ana invited us into her heart & asked us to parent Sunny. We encourage anyone in the process of adoption that you seek the stories of birth mothers and adoptees,” Taketa included. She went on to explain the importance of listening to birth mothers and explained, “Listen to them. Put them first. It’s imperative to understand this is a traumatic experience for them & it’s a privilege to be a part of THEIR lives.”

“Ana, thank you for making me a mommy again along with you,” she continued, expressing her gratitude for Sunny’s birth mother. Taketa then shared her thanks for allowing her family to tackle the journey of raising a newborn, commenting, “Thank you for blessing Jason with the gift of fatherhood, making Maile a big sister, & Wayne a godfather. He’s going to spoil Sunny like crazy!”






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