Hoda Kotb Cleans Her Teeth Live on Air, But Only the ‘Real Ones’ Know What It Means

If you are watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade right now on NBC, you may have noticed Hoda Kotb seemingly cleaning her teeth live on air.
When the legendary broadcaster attempted to slyly make sure nothing was on her teeth, people admitted they “audibly gasped.” “Did she know she was on air,” my mom asked when she saw it.

But what many people didn’t realize is that Kotb wasn’t cleaning her teeth in an emergency, but rather cashing in on a bet she and co-host Jenna Bush Hager made before the parade started.

Hager took to Instagram shortly after Kotb made her “secret sign” to shout out her co-worker and friend. ‘What a true one @hodakotb! Her secret sign,” Hager wrote.

Those who watch the third hour of the Today Show however weren’t surprised at all by Kotb’s actions. Many of the commenters wrote that they were waiting for Kotb to give Jenna her sign.

“I literally yelled out, ‘Jenna’!!!!????”

“I was waiting for this! ❤️????.”

“Double dog dares ❤️.”

How fun is that?

We at Mamas Uncut hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving! We are all so thankful for you!






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