The bride prepared an unusual surprise for her wedding, which surprised all the guests and the groom.

The bride prepared an unusual surprise at her wedding, which surprised all the guests and the groom.

A girl named Greta wanted to dance something unusual at her wedding. She always liked Irish dancing, but she never danced herself.

After all, Irish dance requires great technique and long preparation. But the girl chose this dance not by chance..

After all the incendiary rhythms of riverdance has won millions of fans around the world Irish dancing technique is side steps and jumps performed at a fast pace.

Before starting a workout, you should always warm up the muscles, as there is a risk of injury.. While dancing, it is very important to keep the correct posture.

E gives the dance a special pride. Hands are pressed to the body, but retain plastic mobility.

The greatest load falls on the legs, the lower part of which is always in motion, and the upper part remains in tension.

Greta began to train hard. Finally, the day of the wedding comes. The girl invited a special dance group to dance with her.

First, two dancers took the stage, then the rest of the group joined them. At the end of the dance, the bride came out to them and began to dance to Irish rhythms.

She danced very synchronously, easily and confidently. Greta looked so beautiful in her snow-white dress dancing on stage.

Everyone was amazed how she could learn to dance almost professionally in such a short time. When the dance ended, the groom stepped onto the stage.

He took Greta in his arms, twirled her around and kissed her. He did not expect such a gift. The video from the wedding scattered all over the Internet and scored a record number of views.

Greta inspired by her example many who always wanted to dance but were afraid.







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