The real reason why Ivanka Trump won’t join Donald’s 2024 Presidential campaign

Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, were vital components of Donald Trump’s White House administration. Of course, the four-year tenure of said administration came to a controversial conclusion, amid much chaos and plenty of drama.

Ivanka and Jared got their fair share of criticism afterwards. Since leaving Washington, the couple have settled in Florida, along with the like the rest of the Trump family.

The last months have been intense indeed, not least because of the tragic death of Ivanka’s mother, Ivana. Weeks ago, it was speculated that the 41-year-old would again join her father on the campaign trail as he runs for president again in 2024

However, somewhat surprisingly, Ivanka turned the offer down. Now it seems the biggest reason behind her making the decision has come to light …






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