“We Have To Be Realistic”: GOP House Steps In With Bill Blocking Biden’s EV Agenda

This week, the House of Representatives passed a bill to block new regulations on tailpipe emissions imposed by the Biden administration. Many have criticized the rule as being an indirect mandate for electric vehicles.

A new initiative from the Environmental Protection Agency would require that nearly two-thirds of new vehicles sold in the U.S. be electric by 2032. Furthermore, the regulation would implement the strictest ever tailpipe emissions standards for vehicles falling within the 2027 to 2032 model years. While this proposed regulation is not a direct EV mandate, Republicans have criticized the rule, claiming it punishes traditional gas-powered engines and coerces consumers beyond free market mechanisms into purchasing EVs.

On Wednesday, the House passed the Choice in Automobile Retail Sales (CARS) Act with bipartisan support. The legislation led by Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) aims to combat these aggressive emissions regulations and protect the choice of consumers to drive the type of vehicle most in line with their preferences.

“Just last week, nearly 4,000 car dealers sent a letter to the Biden administration asking them to reconsider their EV mandate, citing a lack of demand from consumers. Today, with the passage of the CARS Act, the House showed we’re listening,” said Rep. Walberg.

“Instead of tying the hands of American car manufacturers and forcing families to purchase vehicles not conducive to their lifestyle and pricing many families out of the market, we should encourage consumer choice,” Walberg continued.

“The passage of the CARS Act is a win for not only the consumer but the entire auto industry, from the workers producing engines in my district to the dealers who can meet the demand for other vehicles. We have to be realistic, and while EVs may play a large role in the future of the auto industry, Washington should not discount other technologies like hydrogen, hybrids, and the internal combustion engine. The CARS Act has already received bipartisan support in the Senate, and they should act swiftly by bringing it up for a vote,” he went on to say.

The American Tribune reported on the open letter sent by thousands of car dealers to President Biden, calling on him to pull back on the aggressive EV agenda his administration has pursued. The letter said the EV initiatives do not agree with current levels of consumer demand or the insufficient infrastructure preventing the mass adoption of these cars.

“These vehicles are ideal for many people, and we believe their appeal will grow over time. The reality, however, is that electric vehicle demand today is not keeping up with the large influx of BEVs [battery electric vehicles] arriving at our dealerships prompted by the current regulations. BEVs are stacking up on our lots,” the letter read.

“Mr. President, it is time to tap the brakes on the unrealistic government electric vehicle mandate. Allow time for the battery technology to advance. Allow time to make BEVs more affordable. Allow time to develop domestic sources for the minerals to make batteries. Allow time for the charging infrastructure to be built and prove reliable. And most of all, allow time for the American consumer to get comfortable with the technology and make the choice to buy an electric vehicle,” it continued.






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