Prince Harry And Wife, Meghan, Named Biggest Hollywood Losers In 2023

England’s Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, have found themselves lightning rods for media attention in recent years after the couple absconded from Europe to start a life in America. Now, after being named the biggest losers in Hollywood for 2023 by The Hollywood Reporter, the couple is looking to start a new life back in Prince Harry’s homeland.

Being ranked in the “Loser” category alongside the likes of Disney and Los Angeles, Harry and Meghan were quickly mocked for their irritable-sounding media shows that made them so widely disliked that they wound up on this list. Far from the high-status Prince Harry once knew during his life of “ceremonial public service,” the pair are now floundering, looking for what is next in their lives as a couple.

The Hollywood Reporter did not try to sugarcoat their words when talking about the failure that the year 2023 was for England’s most controversial couple. They noted that the pair’s Netflix special and biography were both “whiny” and led the couple right into the wandering gaze of the creators of South Park.

“South Park” was not known to pull punches and had its sights set on Harry and Meghan. The Hollywood Reporter described “South Park” as “the pin” that finally was able to burst the bubble on the newish relationship. Now, the couple is said to be moving back to England, still as a separate entity from the Royal Family.

Marie Claire wrote about the new plans that the couple has surrounding the holiday season and, more specifically, moving back to Prince Harry’s home full-time. Dr. Tessa Dunlop, an expert on the royal family, described what the couple was panning for their much-anticipated return to Great Britain.

Dunlop said, “Despite his father owning more homes than you or I have hot dinners—try counting them—by all accounts Harry’s mooted return to the U.K. will not see him lean on his father’s estate. Rather, the pair will branch out and buy somewhere of their own, in a mission driven by homesick Harry.”

She continued, “Just as Camilla was the evil adulterer until we discovered a gentle, and even pretty, Queen, Harry is being curated as the little lost boy, a square peg in an American hole who wants to come home. We Brits want to believe Harry can’t manage without us, that he misses the brother he has told us he was never close to, the father he is no longer speaking to, and the country he slammed.”

Harry and Meghan have endured a disastrous start in their relationship, at least in public opinion, and that doesn’t seem to be ending soon. However, the couple is now ready to return to England and take their lumps and bruises as part of a plan, presumably, to assimilate into the Royal Family. Doing so without the aid of the Royal Family, the couple may stand to earn some respect back home as they begin a life as a “normal” couple and begin to think about raising a family.






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