Harry drastically falls off charts of popular baby names – is the prince to blame?

Ever since they moved to sunny California, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seemed to be having a blast with their children as money came pouring in from the numerous deals they made with the likes of Netflix and Spotify.

However, the truth is that they are now losing millions of dollars. Some months ago, they they lost their Spotify deal worth millions, and they will now be short of even more millions of dollars within their Archewell Foundation.

If reports are to be believed, Harry and Meghan’s foundation saw the donations to the charitable organization decline by $11 million in 2022 compared to the prior year, which was disclosed in a tax filing on Tuesday. Moreover, the revenue ended at $673,000, compared to more than $9 million in 2021.

The goal of their foundation is to “uplift and unite communities, both local and global, online and offline.”
This, of course, doesn’t mean the Sussexes don’t have any money left. On the contrary, the Archewell Foundation still holds just over $8.3 million in assets and cash. In 2022, it donated around $1.2 million to several charities, including the mine-clearing Halo Trust, which was once supported by the late Princess Diana.

BBC reports that Archewell provided financial support for a “gender justice” project in Washington, donating around $200,000. Further, it donated $125,000 for a civil-rights charity, and $100,000 for a project promoting responsible use of technology.

According to US-based royal commentator Kinsey Schofield, the reason why the Sussexes‘ foundation lacks donation is because Harry and Meghan don’t work hard enough and that’s something potential donors have taken a glimpse of.

“In these tax documents, we see that they work like one day a week for this charity. No wonder people are hesitating to donate to their charity when their executive directors seem to be not as committed as certainly the Prince and Princess of Wales are to their charity endeavours,” she shared with GB News.

“This is interesting to me because Harry and Meghan, they’ve had somebody talk to TMZ, which is a big celebrity news site here in the States, because they want to clear the air here. They think that this story is garbage. They say that they are not in the red because they’re not a corporation and this is just the UK media making a big deal out of nothing,” she added.

“But interesting to me that a source close to Archewell can talk to TMZ about Archewell in the red…but no word on Endgame.”

Endgame is a book published on November 28, 2023, by royal author Omid Scobie who is dubbed Harry and Meghan’s “mouthpiece.” Having this in mind, it doesn’t come as surprise that the Sussexes were portrayed as the “good guys” while William as power-hungry, and Kate as lazy.

What is interesting about this book is that the Dutch translation of it included the names of the “royal racists,” the ones who raised concerns about then unborn Archie’s skin color, as revealed in the infamous Oprah interview.

According to the author of the book, it was never his intent to reveal those names, but it was a pure misunderstanding as the Dutch translator was allegedly given the “uncleared text.”

“The book I wrote, the book I edited, the book I signed off on, did not have names in it. The only publisher I worked directly with was the one covering the US and UK,” Scobie told BBC.

Crisis manager Mark Borkowski claims that the publishing of this book could backfire for Harry and Meghan in the year to come.
“Something is beginning to unwind at the heart of Meghan and Harry. I think 2024 is going to be seismic, either because they’re going to do something to recover and find a new positive tactic, or it’s going to be the undoing of the brand. It can only go one or two ways. It can’t stay where it is at the moment. Because it’s clearly not working,” Borkowski said.

Brand and culture expert Nick Ede believes Endgame could negatively affect Meghan’s career in the same manner Spare affected Harry’s.

“The issue for a huge Hollywood agent is that they will find it hard to navigate the career of Meghan, fearing that more will come out over time and that, with court cases looming from her sister and potentially her father, she has tarnished her reputation and could potentially damage the reputation of her agency,” Ede said.

“Meghan in the right hands is a superpower – the world’s most famous woman – and on paper she could make millions for herself and for whomever represents her,” she continued. “But she’s proving to be too hot to handle and, even though she hasn’t said anything about the book, she’s guilty by association, and this is damaging for her and others as she plots her next career move.”

One thing is certain, Harry and Meghan’s popularity in the UK declines.
A proof of that might be the list of popular baby names released by parenting and pregnancy website Babycentre. According to it, the names ‘Harry’ and ‘Meghan’ are dropping further and further down the records.

‘Harry’ is down to spot No. 31, dropping 16 positions from the year before, while ‘Meghan’ dropped 116 spots and is down to No. 682.

However, these two aren’t the sole royals whose name popularity declined compared to the last year.
“No names did well out of the royal divide amid the revelations in Spare. ‘Harry’ plummeted down the top 100 to number 31, while ‘Meghan’ also dropped in registrations, and ‘Charles’ and ‘William’ fell. ‘Princess’ was a new entry into the top 100, but this could be a nickname registered for a baby before they’re born, rather than a royal influence,” Babycentre wrote on their website.

At the same time, the name ‘Archie’ ranks 17 among the most popular boys’ baby names, while ‘George takes’ 8th. ‘Katherine’ or ‘Kate’ didn’t make the top 100 list, and the same even goes for ‘Elizabeth.’

According to royal experts, Harry, Meghan, and their children might spend Christmas in the UK, bit not necessarily with the royal family.
The Mirror reports that Harry received an invitation from his friend and Archie’s godfather Charlie van Straubenzee.

“They have homes in London and Lincolnshire. Charlie is Harry’s best friend and also Archie’s godfather, and the pair have recently grown closer again following a distant few years when Harry first moved over to America,” an insider revealed.

“The Sussexes have recieved a number of invites from their friends in the US for the holidays. It’s not like they don’t have anywhere to go.”

The source added, “David Foster has invited them for his extended Christmas weekend, and there are also other options on the table, but there seems to be a stalemate over where they should go.”

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