Why you should put 2 bay leaves under your pillow before going to bed

A standard cooking ingredient in many savory dishes, bay leaf, or also known as laurel, is a spice commonly used to flavor soups and meat dishes for its light, herbal flavor.

Bay leaf can be used in the form of powder or as a fresh leaf, but it’s most commonly used as a dry, whole leaf. During cooking, the dry leaves are added, and before serving, they are usually taken out.

Not only it adds flavor to the dishes, but bay leaf offers various health benefits such as such as reducing gas and bloating and fighting free radical damage thanks to its antioxidants. According to personal experiences from people, bay leaf also helps get rid of dandruff, muscle and joint pain, and skin infections.

Ancient Greeks used bay leaf in a number of spiritual ceremonies, especially by oracles to predict the future.
They also used it for its therapeutic benefits and as emblems of valor and victory. According to Greek mythology, the god Apollo turned a nymph named Daphne into a bay laurel tree, which is how the relationship between divinity and bay leaves came about.

Burning bay leaf is said to produce smoke that offers a range of health benefits, one of which is reducing the level of anxiety. This is due to the smoke that contains linalool, a compound found in a number of other plants, including mint and lavender, which also help treat anxiety.

The good thing about inhaling bay leaf smoke is that it does not induce sleep. It only clears and calms the mind while maintaining mental alertness.

It is a common belief that bay leaf has mysterious powers such as those of attracting money and prophesy. These beliefs are not backed up by scientific evidence, but people still believe in them.

One of the lesser known benefits of bay leaf is its ability to improve sleep and help with insomnia. What you should do is simply place a couple of bay leaves under your pillow. When placed under your pillow, bay leaves can help ease anxiety and stress, promoting deeper and more restful sleep.

It will also protect you from negative energy and bad dreams.
In the morning, you will wake up with new and renewed energy thanks to quality rest.

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