Unbreakable bond: Tim Allen and Tom Hanks’ enduring friendship

We have witnessed many on-screen relationships between actors and actresses turn into real-life love stories over the years. The truth is that the same goes about friendships which last a lifetime. One of those genuine friendships between two actors is the one between Tim Allen and his “Toy Story” co-star Tom Hanks.

Just the thought of these incredible A-list starts being best friends in real life make us go ‘aww.’
In a recent interview on the Kelly Clarkson show, Allen spoke of his friendship with Tom Hanks, or ‘Mr. Nice Guy,’ who has played many roles over the course of his career which are until this day considered iconic, like those in Forest Gump and Philadelphia, for which he won two consecutive Academy Awards for Best Actor.

“He and I differ on so many things. I adore that man’s heart and mind,” Allen said of Hanks.

The two have been seen together recently and many assumed that they are working on a movie together. “We’ve been going to lunch since Toy Story 1, two times a year, and we’re like two older women ’cause we will sit almost too close to each other at a booth,” Allen said. “It’s just weird.”

During the filming of Toy Story 1, Hanks took some fries from Allen’s plate and Allen’s reaction was priceless as he grew up in a home where one wouldn’t simply help themselves to food from other’s plates.

“And I don’t think I’ve ever trusted a human being as much as Tom to even listen to me and vice versa. We have very different opinions on so many things, but he’s gotten me to accept — he’s really a wonderful and engaging person. He’s the first guy to listen to me and doesn’t judge,” Allen said of Hanks, who played Woody to Allen’s Buzz Lightyear in one of the most loved children’s movies ever.

Both Allen and Hanks are incredible actors with very successful Hollywood careers and we are very glad they clicked and hang out together.

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