Rep. Jim Jordan: When You Get Into Burisma, You Get To The White House

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan intends to grill Hunter Biden’s former prosecutor regarding the investigation’s management and the decision to allow the statute of limitations to expire for specific tax years involving Hunter Biden’s Burisma income.

During an interview on Fox News, Jordan argued that the Ukrainian energy company has made substantial payments to Hunter Biden, so it is believed that there may be ties between Burisma, President Joe Biden, and the White House.

“Lesley Wolf, assistant U.S. Attorney for the DOJ out of Wilmington, Delaware, is part of a five-year investigation into Hunter Biden. Served with David Weiss. Allegedly deviated from the protocol for preferential treatment—that’s the allegation. And is known to be a Democratic campaign donor, Leslie Wolf. How could one person hold all of this up? Is it that simple?” host Bill Hemmer asked.

“Well, I think it was the whole investigation. As you pointed out, Bill, it took them five years and is still ongoing. It’s now special counsel David Weiss. Lesley Wolf, according to whistleblowers, is the lady who said we’re not going to look into campaign finance concerns that Mr. Shapley, Mr. Ziegler, and others of the investigative team thought should be examined,” Jordan began.

“She’s the one who said you can’t use the term Big Guy when you do any interviews. You can’t talk about ‘Political Figure Number One’, who we all know was Joe Biden. So we want to ask her questions about all that, and maybe most importantly, why did the investigation decide to let the tax years 2014 and 2015, when the bulk of the Burisma income was coming to Hunter Biden, why did they let the statute of limitations lapse for those years?” Jordan asked.

Jordan continued: “My theory is that when you get into Burisma, you get to the White House. It is one thing to charge Hunter Biden with a gun charge in Delaware. That doesn’t even involve Joe Biden. But when you get into Burisma it does, because this is a Ukrainian energy company that paid Hunter Biden so much money. So we want to ask her some questions about that as well.”

Democrats are becoming increasingly concerned about President Joe Biden as he sinks in the polls, appears to be getting more cognitively impaired, and as his son, Hunter Biden, faces a growing number of federal indictments.

In a column published by The Hill, Douglas MacKinnon, a political and communications consultant who worked in the Reagan and Bush 41 White Houses, suggested that the president’s problems have become so profound that Democrats behind the scenes may be considering approaching first lady Jill Biden to see if she can convince him to drop out of his race for reelection.
“Long before the latest charges against Hunter Biden, the Biden name had become, for many, a literal punchline,” his column began.

“Each passing week brings more and more Democrats or left-leaning journalists openly bemoaning that President Joe Biden will be their nominee for 2024. Left-leaning editor and Biden fan Harold Meyerson has a piece out titled ‘Are Democrats Sleepwalking to Disaster?’ The main premise is that ‘Biden is the candidate least able to defeat Donald Trump’ and that other Democrats need to enter the race,’” MacKinnon wrote.

He went on to note that, while he does not agree with Biden on much, he is the president and should be treated as such. Beyond that, MacKinnon said Biden is also a fellow human being, and he takes no great joy in seeing multiple video clips portraying an aging Biden dropped online each week.

Law professor Jonathan Turley wrote a column for The Hill titled, “With Hunter’s indictment, Democrats face a moment of maddening truth.”
That “truth” is that the blanket of corruption has seemingly—and alarmingly—settled over the Biden White House. As Turley writes, “According to recent polling, nearly 70 percent of voters (and 40 percent of Democrats) believe that Biden has acted unlawfully, unethically, or both.”
Turley went on to write: “It is now clear that Biden lied when he maintained his position as a candidate and later as president, that he did not know about his son’s business dealings with foreign interests… It is also now clear that he lied in denying that his son never made money in China. The indictment confirms massive transfers from Chinese sources.”






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