Farmer Writes Bold Message In Fresh Snow, Doesn’t Care If Some People Are Offended

In an extraordinary display of holiday spirit, Prunty Farms, a fifth-generation family farm in South Dakota, is making waves with its latest creation: tractor snow art.

The farm recently unveiled a captivating video on YouTube, showcasing the remarkable skills of farmer Dan Prunty as he maneuvers a John Deere 6400 through 10 inches of snow, expertly crafting the words “Merry Christmas” in cursive. The mesmerizing spectacle was captured from above by his son, Adam Prunty, using a drone.

The video, aptly titled “Deere Tracks,” has become a viral sensation, introducing many to the world of tractor snow art. In an interview with the Argus Leader, Adam Prunty shared the behind-the-scenes details of this festive endeavor. “I drove it first with the tractor, and then I had my dad drive it again while I filmed with a drone,” explained the younger Prunty. “I just kind of freehand-ed it.”

The artistry displayed in the snowy fields of Prunty Farms is a testament to the family’s farming legacy and their commitment to embracing new and creative ways to celebrate the holiday season. The drone footage adds an extra layer of visual appeal, providing viewers with a unique perspective of the intricate snow art crafted by the skilled tractor driver.






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