My Neighbor Asked Me to Look After Her 6 Kids But I Called Child Services a Few Hours after She Left

In a cul-de-sac neighborhood, a woman was entrusted with watching her neighbor’s six kids while she was away. Little did the woman know her decision to report the situation to Child Services would lead to unexpected consequences.

A 29-year-old woman turned to Reddit for a broader perspective in October, 2023, having grappled with a moral dilemma after a fight with her 27-year-old husband.

Living in a Cul-de-sac, people get involved in each other’s lives, and that is how everything began. “Everyone is too close to one another and it means people are naturally in each others business,” she explained.

The 29-year-old have always had reservations about one neighbor in particular – a woman who seemed indifferent to her wandering children and possessed an uncanny ability to persuade others into babysitting for her. Despite the OP’s tendencies to decline her neighbor’s requests, she had been coerced into babysitting far too often.

The breaking point came when the troublesome neighbor knocked on OP’s door again. Desperate to avoid her, the OP initially pretended to be absent. However, the persistent knocking intensified, making it impossible to ignore. Reluctantly, the OP opened the door.

He criticized her for not declining the responsibility at the door, labeling her actions deliberately malicious.
The neighbor, in a rush, uttered incomprehensible sentences about leaving and returning on Sunday. She had six children; the youngest was six months, and the oldest was seven. The OP firmly declined, but the neighbor insisted, mentioning a waiting black cab. “I tried to grab her hand to stop her from leaving. I said I was unable to and she ran off and got in the cab,” recalled the OP.

Furious hardly covered the OP’s emotions; she was seething. After waiting for 40 excruciating minutes, her patience waned. Fueled by frustration, she texted her neighbor, giving her a ten-minute ultimatum to collect the kids or face the consequences at the hands of Children’s Services.

Silence followed, met only by the OP’s mounting tension. Dialing her neighbor’s number, she reiterated her stance. The neighbor, now distant and seemingly unconcerned, argued she couldn’t return. She callously suggested dropping the children at Jennifer’s, an elderly woman residing in the opposite building who suffered from health issues.

Unyielding, the OP repeated her warning, threatening the involvement of local authorities if the kids weren’t retrieved promptly. In defiance, the neighbor hurled profanities and dared the OP to follow through. Feeling baited, the OP made the call that changed everything. Dialing Child Services, she set in motion a chain of events she couldn’t undo.






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