Star Cindy Morgan Found Dead at Age 69

Caddyshack actress Cindy Morgan died in December 2023. She was age 69.

The actress was found dead in her Lake Worth Beach, Florida, residence by her roommate on December 30, TMZ reports.

The roommate told the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office that she returned home from a holiday and knocked on Morgan’s bedroom door. She didn’t hear a response, but she smelled a strong odor from inside and called 911. The authorities entered Morgan’s room and found her body.

Morgan was last seen alive by her roommate on December 19.

The authorities told TMZ that they believe Morgan died of “natural causes” and found no evidence of foul play. An investigation is still ongoing.

Prior to her death, Morgan was best known for her first film role as Lacey Underall in the 1980 comedy Caddyshack opposite Chevy Chase and Bill Murray. Her character was the country club owner’s niece, who catches the attention of many men at the venue. She also starred in the sci-fi classic Tron, which hit theaters in 1982. She played Lora/Yori, Jeff Bridges‘ love interest.

She also appeared on hit TV series including The Love Boat, CHiPs, Matlock and The Larry Sanders Show as well as 16 episodes of Falcon Crest. She produced a trio of sci-fi movies that she starred in in the 1990s (Out There, Amanda & the Alien and Dead Weekend).

Though she stopped acting onscreen in the early 2000s, Morgan was a regular at fan conventions and enjoyed talking about her past work.

“Sweet photo from the set of #Caddyshack,” Morgan captioned a still from the set of the film via Instagram in June 2023. “Bill Murray’s calmly advising me, and I look as nervous as I should be, playing #LaceyUnderall against four of the funniest men on the planet.”

She added, “What was Bill like? A sweet, big brother who kept me out of trouble… mostly. 😉.”

In a November post, she revealed that she had two Falcon Crest roles after not telling producers she’d had a smaller part a few seasons prior.

“One of the other actresses thought I looked a little too much like her, so she had me rinse my hair auburn,” Morgan recalled. “The producers asked me when my new hair color would be permanent. I told them as soon as my contract was permanent.”

She added, “16 episodes total, two characters. I also ‘forgot’ to tell the producers that I had been on the show before as Lorenzo Lamas’ is love interest. One of the crew recognized me though. Interesting doing a nighttime soap. An emotional roller coaster, and I slapped a lot of people. Kissed a lot of others.”






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