All 6,000 people in this town live on one street, and it looks just as unusual as you might imagine.

Living in a village or small town has a charming feel.

It’s the kind of place where most people know each other, using first names is usual, there’s a place where people gather, and you’ll find a few other buildings like a post office, funeral directors, and a store.

What I’m saying is, it can be good to experience a close-knit community with others. It’s not everyone’s preference, but many of us seem to like living together rather than being alone in a remote area.

However, I’m curious about how many people would genuinely want to live in a town where everyone resides on the same street!

So, here’s the deal: There’s a village in Europe, specifically Sułoszowa in southern Poland, that got famous on Twitter.

An aerial photo showed that all 6,000 residents live along a single nine-kilometer stretch of street. It’s quite something!

People call the village “Little Tuscany” because of how it’s set up. As of 2017, it had 5,819 residents, according to CSO Poland.

They say each house on the street comes with a long piece of land. People use it for various things like farming and keeping animals.

When others noticed the unique and beautiful aerial photos, Sułoszowa residents shared what it’s really like to live there.

“I wouldn’t swap this place for anything else. It has a unique charm and vibe. As they say, there’s something special about it,” someone shared.

“The whole area looks similar: a house and a strip of field, which makes the photos beautiful. One has grain, another has rapeseed, and the third has something else. The colors look gorgeous from up above.”

Another picture was supposedly shared on Reddit, along with a question asking if the stretches of land extending from the village belong to each house on the street.

Someone replied, “I showed this to my friend from Poland, and he confirmed it!

Each house has that piece of land to use however they want, which is why there are different colors. Some grow crops, others have animals, and some just leave it.

“I didn’t believe him, but he insists it’s true.”

Such an unusual setup! I’ve never seen a village like this before.

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