Jon Voight Says Working With DeNiro Is Exhausting: “It’s Like Babysitting a Spoiled Kid”

Jon Voight is one of the country’s most respected actors. As such, he’s worked with just about everyone in Hollywood. But to Voight, one thespian stands out above the rest: Robert DeNiro.

“Working with him is a chore,” said Vight, “It’s like babysitting a spoiled kid.” Voight spent more than six months shooting Casino with DeNiro and says he’ll never do it again.

“He’s an angry little man,” said the accredited thespian, “A lot of what you see on camera is his real emotional state most of the time. He really does make that ‘you talkin’ to me’ face an awful lot.”

Voight says he hasn’t worked with DeNiro since. “I’ve turned down a lot of roles because he was in the movie. I was supposed to be Greg Focker’s dad.”

ALLOD Entertainment Correspondelist Tara Newhole says she’s not sure whether Voight has the right to criticize DeNiro’s work on Casino. “He was really good,” she said, “The scene in the desert where they beat Joe Pesci and his brother and bury them alive is legendary. I know he wasn’t in it, but I could still feel his spirit.”

Newhole says she’s pretty sure Jon Voight wasn’t even in Casino. “I think he had a small part in Heat, but that’s a DeNiro/Pacino joint if you ask anyone paying attention.” According to the journalisticator, Voight is likely “just another out of touch, partially delusional Boomer.”

True or not, patriots, the line about the spoiled kid will probably do well enough to pay off some Christmas debt. God Bless America.






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