“There’s Clear Evidence”: Rep. MTG Pushes For Criminal Probe Of Fani Willis

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene recently suggested that she anticipates Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr to launch a criminal probe into Fulton Country District Attorney Fani Willis. Greene cited alleged proof of misconduct relating to Willis’ prosecution of leading Republican primary candidate Donald Trump.

According to MTG, her claims are not rooted in political bias but are based on clear evidence implicating Willis in wrongdoing. “This isn’t political at all,” Greene explained. “There’s clear evidence that alleges Fani Willis and her top prosecutor, who was apparently her lover, Nathan Wade, have broken multiple lawsuits, and the evidence is pouring out people have been posting and all over social media.”

Greene’s comments follow a court filing by political operative and co-defendant of Donald Trump, Mike Roman, which accuses Willis of several different instances of misconduct during the Trump prosecution. Breitbart reported on these allegations:

Nathan Wade, Willis’s lead prosecutor in the Trump case, had an “improper” relationship with Willis.

Wade’s law firm used funds paid by the county to take Willis on luxury vacations by using potentially fraudulent payments.

Wade was appointed without the required approval by authorities and had little to no prosecutorial experience.

Wade met twice with President Joe Biden’s White House counsel before indicting Trump in August, raising questions about whether the White House coordinated prosecuting Biden’s 2024 political opponent.

The Georgia congresswoman noted that she has “high expectations” for Governor Kemp and AG Christ Carr to initiate an investigation into Willis. “I really have high expectations of Governor Kemp and our Attorney General Chris Carr,” Greene stated. “There should be a criminal investigation.” However, she added, “If he [Kemp] ignores this, then he’s showing an extreme political bias.

Those familiar with the Georgia election case suggest that if Gov. Kemp and AG Carr were to launch a criminal investigation into Willis, it could potentially disrupt the prosecution of Trump. MTG further pressed the Georgia Republicans to follow through with a probe. “They can’t wash their hands of this. Even if they are supporting DeSantis or hate President Trump — they can’t wash their hands of this one,” Greene noted.

Greene also commented on apparent contradictions in claims made by the January 6 Committee, where the partisan panel informed lawmakers that it either lost or did not have much of the information discovered from the hearings it conducted. MTG cited a Politico report that claimed the January 6 Committee colluded with Willis, suggesting she would have said information that could disrupt her prosecution.

“This is extremely serious. Think about that. They can’t hand it [information] over to members of Congress now, but yet they gave the information to Fani Willis,” she said. “It is an extreme contradiction,” she added, discussing a potential probe into Kemp. “I’m recommending a criminal investigation in the state of Georgia, but we certainly have to expand it on a much higher level because of the involvement between Fannie Willis and the January 6 committee.”

The American Tribune recently reported on comments from former President Donald Trump, who claimed Fani Willis was “totally compromised after the allegations of her improper conduct surfaced.






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