Taylor Swift Sends Fans Into a Frenzy After Making Announcement on Grammys Stage

Taylor Swift stuns fans with announcement after winning her 13th Grammy.

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Instead of announcing another re-record, Taylor Swift announced that she is dropping her 11th studio album. “All’s fair in love and poetry… New album THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT. Out April 19.”

Two months after fans hoped Taylor Swift would make the big announcement, fans think the pop star is dropping an Easter egg.

For months, the Swifties have been waiting for Taylor Swift to drop the re-record of her sixth studio album Reputation. Now, fans are crossing their fingers that Grammys night may be the night she makes the big announcement.

But why tonight? Well, if you head over to TaylorSwift.com, the entire site has been taken down. Currently it read, Error 321, which some is saying is an old error that would occur when a telephone number was down and a fax couldn’t be sent through. Ehhmmm, “The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now…”

However, if you unscramble the letters below, many are reporting that it spells out “red herring,” which could mean Taylor is simply pulling the wool over her fans eyes? What do you think?

So far during her Eras Tour, Taylor Swift has released two of the four Taylor’s Version re-records. At this point, she only has two more re-records to release before she officially owns her entire discography.

Tonight, November 26, Swift performed for the final time in 2023. But as she took the stage for the final time, her fans were hoping for something specific.

If you’ve been on TikTok, the hope was that Taylor would announce the fifth Taylor’s Version re-record, this time of her sixth studio album Reputation. However, now Taylor fans are left calling themselves clowns.

Many people thought Taylor would share the big news during the “surprise song” portion of her show. While others, instead, though she might save the big surprise for the very end.

Taylor even “glitched” during the surprise song portion of her show when she nearly called the Eras Tour her Reputation tour. Take a look:

@jessicagolich Replying to @Diya Oh she SO knows what she’s doing 🖤❤️🐍 #saopaulonight3 #taylorswiftsaopaulo #tstheerastoursaopaulo #saopaulotstheerastour #swiftok #reputationtaylorswifttv #reptviscoming #reptvisnext ♬ original sound – JessicaGolich

Reputation contains some of Swift’s most popular songs, including I Did Something Bad, …Ready for It, Look What You Made Me Do, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, and Getaway Car, just to name a few.

Taylor will take the stage again, continuing her Eras Tour dates, on October 18, 2024, in Miami, Florida.

And while Taylor’s fans are disappointed they didn’t get the big announcement for Reputation Taylor’s Version tonight, that hasn’t stopped them from continuing speculation. So when do you think the last two re-records will be released?






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