This farmer was fed up with people standing on his Land, so he decided to teach them a lesson

Any pedestrian or driver has at least once in his life encountered an ugly car parking. This is infuriating and often becomes frankly dangerous for others. It is especially insulting when people do not accept requests or persuasions, but continue to do everything in their own way.

Farmer Davao Bedekovic lives in the town of Yakushevec, near Zagreb in Croatia. For many years he lived quietly and went about his business until a market was opened next to his possessions. The mass of buyers arriving by car chose its territory for parking. It was next to the shopping malls and completely free.

On weekends, the number of standing “iron horses” reached several dozen. The ground was hard-packed by the wheels. Car exhaust and gasoline residues polluted the soil, making it unsuitable for growing crops. The farmer understood that his land could be made poisonous for many years.

Davao was a calm, reasonable middle-aged man and believed that people should be negotiated verbally. He approached the trespassers many times, asked them to remove the cars, and explained that this land is private property and the owner (he) is against illegal parking.

Someone openly waved off, others snapped, and others said that they left the car for only a few minutes. In the next spring season, Bedekovich again decided to repeat the attempt to sow corn. By nightfall, the whole space was finally free of cars. The farmer was glad. When he drove the tractor into the yard in the morning, almost a dozen cars were already standing on the field.

Exhausted by the lawlessness of motorists, Davao decided to teach them a lesson that they would remember forever and tell others. He did not have the technical ability to take out all the cars, and could not break someone else’s property, but he had all the rights to his land.

He jumped on his powerful tractor and rushed to plow the ground around a wide perimeter around the cars without hitting them. Bystanders and car owners approaching the market stopped in curiosity. They did not immediately understand the general idea of Bedekovich. Gradually, the position of the cars was outlined more clearly.

Those that stood in the middle of the plot, it was now impossible to get without special equipment. Motorists parked closer to the road were a little luckier. Everyone who was nearby and understood the farmer’s plan rushed to their cars and began desperate attempts to taxi through a strip of freshly plowed chernozem onto the road.

The returning owners of the cars were furious at Bedekovich’s act. Someone even called the police, accusing him of damaging someone else’s property. The guards arrived, but soon moved aside and began to watch in silence. Not a single car was damaged by a farmer, but he could do whatever he wanted with his land!

Therefore, under the laughter of random eyewitnesses and the indignant cries of motorists, Davao finished the plowing and calmly drove the tractor into the yard. Motorists from the edge of the field with sin in half went out on the road. One of them, the owner of a silver Peugeot, even got on the footage of a random “operator”, who subsequently posted them on the Internet and generated a heated debate.

The woman would have finally stalled in the black soil, if not for the kind help of a policeman. The farmer made negligent drivers feel what it was like to experience serious inconvenience. A brilliant creative solution allowed him to simultaneously avoid prosecution and not cause tangible damage to people.

Opinions on the Web are very divided. Some believed that Bedekovich had crossed all boundaries, others were amazed at his patience and gentleness. It didn’t get on the footage, but local residents said that when the police left, Davao drove out the tractor and “pulled out” all the remaining cars through the plowed virgin land.

He didn’t want to make people feel bad. The man was just tired of their arrogance and really hoped that they would leave his land alone. If a person covers distances behind the wheel of even the most luxurious car, you should not treat people around you with disdain.

It is important to respect someone else’s property, whatever it may be. Otherwise, a less inventive, but much more aggressive defender of their rights may meet on the life and road path.






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