“Absolutely Not” – Toby Keith’s Wife Denies Garth Brooks’ Request to Play at Toby’s Tribute Show

Toby Keith’s passing brought a lot of emotions to the surface for most of the Nashville Crowd. Singers and songwriters from across the country genre have been flooding the family with requests to play for just a few moments in the upcoming tribute concert to Toby Keith.

Toby’s wife, Karen Keith, will ultimately decide who gets to play and who doesn’t. So far, only one artist has been rejected altogether: Garth Brooks.

“Toby wouldn’t want him there,” said Karen’s Yoga Instructor and Spokesmodel, Joe Barron, “Karen certainly doesn’t.”

Some of Toby’s fans have been quick to point out that the two actually got along really well, did a bunch of tours together back in the day, and remained friends until the very end.

“Unfortunately,” said ALLOD Obituarianist Tara Newhole, “that narrative doesn’t really fit with the common tater philosophy that anything that appears to the right of Reagan is somehow their ally, even though Toby Keith was actually a lifelong Democrat.”

Garth Brooks wouldn’t confirm or deny if the story is true or tater bait, but in all honesty, he never responds to our requests for comment, unless we make up a fictitious Garth and quote him, which may have been the right play here.

We’re taking some flack for the complete disregard for the dead guy or his family, patriots, but this reporter remembers when Toby made the local crew pay for shirts because he was “tired of seeing them on eBay.” God Bless America.

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