When we are 20 years old, our concern revolves around the opinions of others about us.

When we reach the age of 20, our preoccupation lies in the thoughts others have about us. By the time we turn 40, we no longer concern ourselves with their opinions. And as we reach 60, we come to realize that they haven’t been contemplating us at all.

The statement about age’s significance was not originally attributed to Ann Landers.

In March, we disproved a Facebook post that falsely attributed the quote to Winston, which stated: “At 20, you’re concerned about others’ opinions; at 40, you stop caring about what others think; at 60, you realize no one ever thought about you at all.”

If we advance seven months, we encounter an almost identical post, except this time the statement is credited to the deceased advice columnist Ann Landers.

The post titled “Aging Gracefully” starts with the statement, “In our twenties, we are concerned about the opinions of others. By the time we reach our forties, we no longer bother about what they think. And when we turn sixty, we realize that they haven’t been giving us any thought at all.”






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