My Boyfriend ‘Forgets’ His Credit Card Every Time We Go Out To Eat, So.. Continue Reading Below First Comment…👇👇👇

The woman then turned to Reddit to find out if she was wrong for how she reacted to the situation. Netizens weighed in on her situation, telling her what they thought of her boyfriend.

A confused woman with her hands pointed up, The woman was concerned about how she acted because she had done so in front of her boyfriend’s children, and he told her she was selfish for not considering them. The woman shared that her boyfriend’s children loved eating at restaurants, so they went out with them once a week.

However, each time they went out to eat, her boyfriend would accidentally “forget” his card at home. Each time her boyfriend forgot his card, the woman would be forced to pay the bill. Initially, it didn’t bother her, but she said she had been left broke as she had paid for dinner many times in the previous month.One night, the woman had just received payment from her second part-time job, and she and her boyfriend were going to dinner with his children again.






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