Fisherman see something odd stuck on an iceberg – soon realize the unimaginable truth

Labradors are one of my favorite breeds when it comes to dogs.

Labrador also happens to be a region on Canada’s east coast, sitting remotely in the most northern part of Quebec. Needless to say then, it is cold with a rough climate and rather isolated from the rest of the world. Instead, people live in harmony with nature, with fishing a major and important food source and industry in the area.

Among the treasures the sea has to offer in the area are crabs — which happen to be fisherman Alan Russell’s specialization. But when he and Mallory Harrigan were out at sea with their boat one day, they saw something very different from the crab they were used to — and it was a sight they would never forget.

It all began when they came upon a large iceberg, shaped like a mushroom.

Alan and Mallory soon spotted something unusual on top of the mushroom-shaped iceberg. At first, they assumed it was a seal, Mallory told The Dodo.

They decided to take a closer look — and that’s when they discovered that it wasn’t a seal at all, but rather a creature with four legs that does not normally reside at sea: It was a polar fox.

It’s unclear how the fox ended up there and for how long the poor creature had been stuck there in the middle of nowhere and awaiting a cruel fate.

But what’s certain is that the couple knew immediately that they had to do something to help.

An Unusual Rescue
Alan and Mallory, who have always been animal lovers, drove their boat towards the large iceberg, lining it up right against it.

The certainly already traumatized fox appeared scared of the newcomers.

“We were able to get him aboard even though he fought it,” Mallory said. “We knew we were his only chance for survival, as the winds had changed and were driving all the ice farther out to sea.”

The polar fox’s mood quickly seemed to improve after leaving the iceberg. The fisherman quickly arranged a small warm ‘bed’ for him onboard.

The fox might very well have given up hope, but after the rescue, his spirit quickly returned.They had some canned food on board which they promptly offered the shivering animal.

When they got to the harbor, they set him free. He simply shook himself off, and off he went.

Hopefully this fox will never end up in such a deadly situation again! Thanks to Mallory and Alan, this fox was rescued and now has a life to look forward to.

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