WATCH: Liz Cheney Won’t Rule Out 2024 Presidential Run

During a Sunday, February 18 interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” with host Jake Tapper, former Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney suggested that she will consider entering the 2024 election despite it already being well underway. Her comments came as she and Tapper discussed the state of the 2024 election.

Mainly, the two discussed what Cheney’s plans are for the 2024 election cycle. Cheney insisted that she detests Trump and thinks he is an aspiring “autocrat,” claiming that because of that deep disdain for him she will do whatever it takes to help defeat him. Tapper tried to draw an endorsement of some other candidate out of her, which she refused, and tried to get her to say if she’d try running, to which she didn’t give a direct answer.

Cheney, speaking to Tapper on what she thinks about the candidates, insisted that she would never support former President Donald Trump no matter what. Speaking on that, she said, “I haven’t endorsed anybody in this presidential race, certainly would never support Donald Trump.” Shockingly, that comes despite her supposed conservatism and the Democratic Party’s drift to the far left.

Continuing, she said that she won’t support Trump because of his alleged similarity to “autocrats.” She said, “And we know what Donald Trump will do, because he’s telling us every day. And anybody who has spent any time overseas, who has spent any time studying the history of autocracies and of autocrats knows we have to listen to what Donald Trump’s saying.”

Tapper, responding to her hysterics about Trump, asked if she would consider running in this election cycle to help defeat Trump. He asked her, “Are you still considering it, or would you rule it out?” Cheney, responding, said that she’d do “whatever is necessary,” saying, “I haven’t made any decisions about it yet. I’m going to do whatever is necessary to defeat Donald Trump.”

Emphasizing that her focus is on defeating Trump no matter what, which would seem to imply that she’ll help defeat him even if doing so helps the far left win, Cheney said, “I’m not going to make any announcements or endorsements this morning. But the most important thing is to defeat Donald Trump, and I will do whatever, whatever it takes to do that.”

Watch her here:

During the same interview, Cheney accused those Republicans who are skeptical of foreign intervention of being the “Putin wing” of the GOP, saying, “We have to take seriously the extent to which you’ve now got a Putin wing of the Republican Party. I believe the issue this election cycle is making sure that the Putin wing of the Republican Party does not take over the West Wing of the White House.”

Continuing, Cheney attacked Trump for his pledge to voters of retribution, saying, “When you think about Donald Trump, for example, pledging retribution, what Vladimir Putin did to Navalny is what retribution looks like in a country where a leader is not subject to the rule of law.”






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