“They Are Coming After Us”: Fani Willis Accused Of Demanding Wade’s Lawyer Keep Quiet

According to recent reports, Fani Willis allegedly warned Nathan Wade’s business partner to remain silent about the relationship between her and Wade. Documents filed this week suggest that Willis made a phone call to Terrence Bradley in the Fall of 2023, stating, “They are coming after us. You don’t need to talk to them about anything about us.”

Evidence suggests that the affair between Willis and Wade began in 2019, creating a seeming conflict of interest as Wade was appointed to the Trump election interference case in November 2021. The alleged conversation between Willis and Bradley was overheard and will be included in testimony by Cobb County, Georgia prosecutor Cindi Lee Yeager based on documents presented by one of Trump’s 18 co-defendants, David Schafer.

Lawyers for Trump and other co-defendants in the case have been pushing to have Willis disqualified on the grounds of this alleged conflict of interest between her and Wade. The DA and Nathan Wade have both admitted under oath that they were involved in a romantic relationship between 2022 and 2023, following Wade’s appointment to the case. However, the accusations surrounding a conflict of interest stem from Willis’ hiding of the relationship to the court.

The American Tribune recently reported on the controversy surrounding District Attorney Fani Willis, where conservative commentator Megyn Kelly sounded off on Willis and Wade, asserting that “these two lied.” She called out texts that were sent between Terrence Holloway, Nathan Wade’s former defense lawyer, and Ashleigh Merchant, a defense lawyer representing Trump co-defendant Michael Roman.

Kelly stated, “It’s right here. The judge has this. He knows what we know. Terrence Bradley saw what Robin Yeartie saw. This affair was going on for years prior to 2022, and these two lied. They took the stand and, in my very well-educated opinion, told lies under oath to this judge, to these lawyers, to Fulton County, to all of us.”

“He’s admitting it’s insane she hired him. Why would it be insane to hire him if they weren’t having an affair? He’s saying right here they were having an affair when she hired him,” Kelly added. “This is not how someone who knows nothing about an affair sounds. Sorry. Nathan’s caught. Fani’s caught. Terrence is caught. Ashleigh Merchant has been an honest broker from the beginning and was wrongfully smeared by Willis.”

Recent developments in the controversy surrounding Fani Wade show that the Georgia Senate committee looking into her has decided to subpoena Merchant, which could further shed light on the timeline of the Willis-Wade affair.

Legal Analyst Phillip Holloway shared on X, “The #FaniWillis saga takes on a new twist Sources have confirmed that the GA Senate committee looking into the Fulton DA have subpoenaed Attorney Ashleigh Merchant to testify Wednesday, 3-6-24 The hearing will be live streamed and is open to the public.”

The Townhall columnist further added. “This is more than a subpoena for records of Merchant’s communications with Bradley as previously announced I would expect questioning to involve all relevant issues related to her dealings with Willis’s office.”

Watch Willis attack Wade in court here:






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