My Wife Keeps Missing Flights to Visit My Daughter, So I Decided to Board the Plane Alone to Teach Her a Lesson

A 47-year-old man boarded a plane on the way to see his daughter after his 43-year-old wife left to get Starbucks in the airport. It was already the second time she would make them miss their flight, so he no longer waited for her.

A 47-year-old man and his 43-year-old wife planned a visit to their daughter in a different state. However, their contrasting personalities when it came to punctuality led to them missing their flight twice. The man values organization and timely planning. On the day of the first flight, he woke up early and attempted to rouse his wife multiple times, but she only got up 20 minutes before they needed to leave. Despite their efforts, they missed the flight due to long lines at the airport.

Finally, she got up at 7:40 a.m. Despite supposedly having only 20 minutes, she made her coffee, showered, and ate a bowl of cereal. As a result, they left home around 9 a.m. Unfortunately, the airport was busier than usual. Because of the long lines going through security, the couple missed their flight. The airline also refused to refund their ticket.

The man got new tickets for the next day, which meant missing nearly an entire day with their daughter. “Jess was disappointed, to say the least,” the man said.






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