A woman had stated that her sister had invited to a restaurant, as she moved in to the town she was living in. When the time to pay the bill came, her sister disappeared from the restaurant, which the woman got shocked.

She had shared her story on Reddit’s r/AITA subreddit. As she explained that her sister and her boyfriend had moved in to her town. “My sister and her BF recently moved to a town next to mine. I was excited as we’ll be able to see more of each other now. Nearby, there is a downtown center that has a lot of shopping, restaurants, galleries, etc. There is one upscale restaurant that both my husband and I love. A dinner for two will run you about $200-$250 so its not a place we frequently go to.”

Her sister had invited her to that restaurant, and the woman had warned her sister that it was a fancy restaurant. “My sister called me last week and invited us out to dinner with them at the restaurant last night. I reminded her it was an upscale place and to take a look at the menu beforehand because they are pricey and we can go somewhere else, tons of other great places. She said they still wanted to go. We hadn’t been there in a while so we accepted. Dinner was great!”

As their dinner finished, her sister and the boyfriend disappeared, as she received a text from her. “At the end of the meal my sister excuses herself to the bathroom and when she doesn’t come back relatively soon her BF goes to find her. After a while, neither of them comes back. We go to check for them and they are gone. I call/text her and she texts back that they’ve left but ‘thanks for dinner, it was just as amazing as you said it would be’.”

Then she had stated that if she doesn’t come here in 30 minutes, she will give her information to the place, so they could take legal action. “I asked her what she meant but no response. I texted again asking if she really just stuck us with the bill and no response. I then texted that I never agreed to pay for them and that she had 30 minutes to come back to the restaurant or I’ll give the restaurant all her information and they will likely involve the police.”

Then she did what she said, after her sister didn’t showed up. “No response. At the 30 minute mark I called/texted and got no response. So I stayed true to my word. I paid for mine and my husband’s portion and gave all her information to the manager for their portion and then left.”

On the next day, her sister had called her, and stated that the restaurant was calling her, and stating that they will involve the police with the situation. “The next day she called me back upset that she’s been getting calls from the restaurant asking her to come pay or they’ll contact the police. I said I’m not surprised since she skipped out on her bill. She said she thought I was paying the tab since I’ve paid for our dinners in the past (I have paid for her+me only dinners where the total tab was $60 max).”

Then she explained that she warned her about the restaurant, and stated, “I said this was obviously different than the other times we met for dinner (this was all four of us AND at an upscale restaurant) and I was not paying the $450 tab and she had to cover her portion. I reminded her that she invited us out and chose the restaurant. I specifically asked if she wanted to go somewhere else but she is the one who insisted on going to this restaurant.”

Then she stated that her sister should go and pay her bills, before they involve the police. “I ever agreed to pay for everyone. She then said she thought I’d just pay but when I asked the waiter for separate checks she realized I wasn’t and left for the bathroom planning to ditch. I said that since the restaurant hadn’t contacted the police yet, all she had to do was go in and pay and it would be settled.”

She had concluded her story as, “She didn’t want to do that because it would be too embarrassing and asked me to cover it. I again said no and that she had to take care of it. Our family has gotten involved and I’m being pressured to just pay the bill. AITA if I don’t and let the restaurant call the police? Clearly I will not be paying for anything ever again.”

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