Elon Musk Claims “America Is Doomed” Without A “Red Wave” In Upcoming Election

Recently, Elon Musk offered a dire warning for Americans, claiming the U.S. is “doomed” if voters do not vote red in the upcoming election later this year. The billionaire entrepreneur offered this opinion on X when he reacted to a video of a New York City resident slamming local leadership for its handling of the migrant crisis.

Reacting to the video, Musk said, “There is either a red wave this November, or America is doomed. Imagine four more years of this getting worse.” The Tesla CEO has consistently commented on the rampant illegal immigration pouring over the southern border.

“Why does the radical far left Biden administration welcome violent illegals into America to prey upon your friends & family?” Musk said in a separate message on X, responding to a post from The Post Millenial Senior Editor Andy Ngo about a Venezuelan judge warning that violent criminals leaving the country for the U.S. “We are even warned by other countries that it is insane to make America a haven for their convicted criminals!” he continued.

“A Venezuelan supreme court judge is warning that violent convicts released from Venezuela are increasingly part of the migrant stream pouring into the US. Laken Riley’s murder suspect is allegedly part of a violent Venezuelan gang,” Andy Ngo’s post read.

Musk further clarified his point that, as an immigrant from South Africa himself, he is an advocate for legal immigration. “I say as an immigrant who is proud to have become a citizen and who supports vastly expanded *legal* immigration,” he said.

Elon doubled down on his warnings about unfettered illegal immigration a different post from another X user who suggested there is an “invasion” coming over the southern border. “If not stopped, the United States as a coherent country will cease to exist, as it will simply blend with the rest of the world, thus ironically defeating the purpose of immigrating here in the first place,” Musk responded.

Elon Musk also highlighted another substantial problem stemming from the mass inflow of illegal immigrants during his recent interview with Don Lemon. Musk stated that illegal immigrants flocking to blues states have a direct impact on the House of Representatives and the Electoral College via the Census.

“So the House seat apportionment is proportional to the number of people not the number of citizens. So the the illegals overwhelmingly go to places like California, New York. And the if you just look at the math, if you look at the apportionment with or without illegals, I believe California would lose, I believe…the blue states, there’ll be a net loss of blue states of approximately 20 seats in the house. But it also applies to the electoral college,” Musk told Lemon. Watch the clip from the interview between Elon and Don below:

“My understanding is that Democrats would lose approximately 20 seats in the House if illegals were not counted in the census, and that’s also 20 less electoral votes for President. So illegals absolutely do affect who controls the House and who controls the presidency.”






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