Kitten was dyed with toxic blue paint and left in the rain — rescuers help her make a stunning transformation

It’s truly heartbreaking how some people treat animals, but thankfully there are also kind people willing to step up and give these poor creatures the love and care they need.

That was the story of one poor cat who was cruelly dyed blue and then left for dead — but a rescuer helped her make an amazing transformation…

According to the YouTube channel The Moho, the cat was discovered outside in the rain. Someone had reportedly dyed her with toxic blue ink for “cruel fun” and then discarded her.

Animal rescuer Amauri Gomes found the cat and took her to the vet. They began the time-consuming process of carefully removing the blue paint off of her using pet-safe cleansers and oils.

With time and patience, the rescuers were able to get 90% of the paint off. The process was painful for the cat and much of her fur came off, but they did their best to keep her calm and comfortable, and she was reportedly cooperative.

They, fittingly, named the cat “Blue.” The rescuers fed her and provided medical care, and soon Blue began to bounce back: she reportedly had the “sweetest demeanor.”

And once they had removed most of the blue paint, her true colors shined through, revealing a beautiful white and gray coat.

Once the cat had healed, regained weight and was back to her natural colors, she was reportedly placed up for adoption.



It’s unbelievable that anyone would dye a cat blue like this, but we’re glad she’s now doing well and back to her normal colors 💙 Thank you to everyone who saved Blue!

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