Home Depot Founder Urges GOP To Unite Behind President Trump

In an op-ed written for RealClearPolitcs on Tuesday, March 19, Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus called on Republicans to unite behind former President Donald Trump and his bid to regain the White House. He argued that doing anything other than uniting behind and propelling Trump to office would be courting disaster for America.

In the op-ed, Mr, Marcus argued that the Joe Biden Administration is unique, at least from what he has seen in his 94 years on Earth, in its utter contempt for the American people and in the danger it poses to our future as a democracy and country. Because of that danger, he argued that Republicans need to put aside their differences and unite behind Trump.

Beginning the article, Mr. Marcus noted that President Biden’s Administration is unique in the threat it poses and its contemptuous attitude toward the American people. He wrote, “I see the federal government using its enormous powers with contempt for the governed instead of with the consent of the governed as our founders envisioned.”

Continuing, he argued that he sees te way Biden is using the executive fiat to push America in a far-left direction as dangerous to both our rights and our capitalist system, saying, “I fear that free market capitalism may be replaced by big government socialism. I also fear the erosion of our rights and freedoms, including parental rights, freedom of speech and religion, and due process.”

Then, after reiterating the massive threat posed by the Biden Administration to the American way of life and describing how the media’s complicity in far-left lies and riots has helped advance the Biden Administration’s attempts to radically alter the American way of life, Mr. Marcus explained how he sees the Biden Administration as having “transformed” America in a very bad way.

He wrote, “The Biden administration’s policies invited an invasion along our southern border by millions of unvetted people, compromised national security, allowed crime to spin out of control in our streets, forced middle-class Americans to raid their retirement funds to put food on their tables, and divided America more than at any time in our history since the Civil War. Joe Biden has fulfilled Barack Obama’s promise to “transform” America. This is not a welcome transformation, as confirmed by Biden’s dismal job approval ratings.”

Mr. Marcus then, after giving many more examples of the threat Biden poses to the American way of life and comments about how Trump is an imperfect vessel that is, at least, far better than Biden, called on the GOP to unite behind Trump and do everything they could to propel him into office and help the GOP win in the 2024 election.

Calling for unity, he wrote, “First, the different factions of the Republican Party must unite behind Trump and participate fully in the presidential election. Put another way, no one should sit out the presidential election or withhold their financial support to our nominee.”

Former President Trump has also called for unity. Watch him do so here:






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