I Came Home and Found My Humiliated Wife Crying behind a Closed Door

A man heard his wife crying inside their bedroom with the door locked. He asked her to open the door and tell her what happened. When she told her what made her cry, he barged into the kitchen and blew up at his 16-year-old nieces.

When a man heard his wife crying, he implored her to tell him what was wrong. His wife had been undergoing chemotherapy after the doctors declared she had cancer. The side effects of the therapy made her lose her beautiful hair.

She felt insecure facing people with her bald head, so she wore a wig to feel more comfortable. One day, she woke up and couldn’t find her wig.

The man chose to stay anonymous while narrating the incident in the “AITA” forum on Reddit. He wanted to ask other users if he was at fault in this situation.

His wife was battling cancer and lost her hair because of chemotherapy. Like most women, she was not confident going out in public with a bald head.

Since she knew her hair wouldn’t grow back anytime soon, she decided to buy a wig that resembled her natural hair. Her husband supported the idea and encouraged her to wear it.

On the other hand, the man’s sister was going through a difficult phase in her life. Following her divorce, she didn’t have a place to live. She asked her brother if she could live in his home with her twin daughters.

“What happened? Why are you crying?” he asked while holding her by her arms.

The man had no reason to refuse, so he allowed his sister and nieces to move in with him. He had no idea what would happen in the days to come.

After they moved in, the man’s nieces were drawn to his wife’s wig. They wanted to touch it and wear it, and they asked her why she wore it. The girls also asked the woman if they could straighten it and see what happened. Since she didn’t feel comfortable without her wig, the woman refused to take it off in front of them.

A few days later, the man came home from work and heard his wife wailing from their bedroom. He turned the metallic doorknob and pushed the door, but it wouldn’t open.

After calling his wife’s name multiple times, she got up from the bed and unlocked the door. “What happened? Why are you crying?” he asked while holding her by her arms.

“They took away my wig!” the woman cried, pointing towards the door.

Upon further questioning, he discovered that his nieces had taken his wife’s wig and didn’t want to return it to her until she came out of her room without a wig. When she asked them to return it, they refused and pulled out their phone to take a video of her.

As soon as she saw their phones, she rushed toward her bedroom and locked herself in. They kept knocking at the door, but she wouldn’t open it.

The man was furious after hearing this story. He left the bedroom and barged into the kitchen to confront the girls. At first, the girls were confused, but they handed him the wig later. He scolded them, saying they humiliated his wife by keeping the wig from her.

The girls claimed it was a prank, and the woman didn’t need to feel embarrassed, while the man’s sister intervened and said that his wife was overreacting. But the man explained that the girls were at fault because they filmed his wife who already felt insecure without a wig. His sister refused to listen and blamed him for overreacting.

Neither the girls nor their mother seemed to be willing to accept that they had done something wrong, so the man lost his cool. He blew up at his sister and asked her to leave his house immediately.

“I later let them know about the eviction since they thought I wasn’t serious, and they started crying, begging that I let it go,” the man stated.

His sister called their father and asked him to put in a good word for her, but the man refused to let her stay in his house. He knew his wife felt uncomfortable around his nieces and thought the best solution was to kick them out.

Even after he refused to let them stay, they still kept pleading. He narrated the incident on Reddit to ask other users if he was at fault for kicking them out.

“NTA. They’re 16, old enough to know better and understand that actions have consequences,” Aunty_Fascist stated, adding that the girls were at fault for disrespecting the wife, who wasn’t feeling well, and they deserved to be kicked out of the house.

Redditor gypsy_teacher said her 6-year-old son would have understood if she told him that she felt uncomfortable without a wig.

“If my son did that at 16, I would flush his phone down the can, lock up the keys to the car, and ground him until he’s 25,” she added.

Meanwhile, Redditor Megalush said her 7-year-old son would never do that to anyone. She also had a 3-year-old child and felt he was better than those 16-year-old girls.

“How would they feel if someone shaved THEIR heads and started filming and laughing?” laulau88foo wondered, claiming the girls were rude and the man was kind to let them stay at his house.

Most Redditors felt the man was not at fault. Instead, they thought he did the right thing by asking them to leave because what they did was unacceptable.






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