‘Genius’ parking lot feature at shopping center has people saying it should be introduced everywhere

An Australian parking lot feature has caused quite the stir on social media. Parking – one of the worst parts of the test, particularly if you’re unlucky enough to get instructed to perform a parallel park opposed to a bay park although, let’s be real, they’re not always an easy feat either.

Thankfully, one shopping parking lot in Australia has seemingly decided to take pity on drivers and try and reduce the anxiety which is sure to creep in when you’re trying to reverse into a spot with a line of 100 cars waiting impatiently behind you. Then ending up in a space so small, you have to squash yourself to the width of a pencil in order to even get out of your vehicle. Located at the Glebe Hill shopping center in Tasmania, the parking lot looks like most others in that it features spaces separated by white lines.

However, rather than a single white line separating each space, this particular parking lot has rectangular boxes between each space.

This subsequently increases the size of the gap between cars, making it easier to manoeuvre your vehicle in and also actually get in and out yourself. The boxes might mean fewer cars can fit into the lot, but it’s a price I’d certainly be willing to pay. It seems so simple – why haven’t we been doing this the entire time? And many people have been thinking the same after one very satisfied customer shared pictures of the parking lot on social media.

The driver wrote on the Tasmania Parking Fails Facebook group: “All car parks should adopt this method for line markings. “(It) gives you a level of confidence when parking here that it is fairly unlikely that you will get a ding in your door whilst shopping,” they continued. “I realise that it doesn’t absolutely guarantee that damage won’t occur, but it is most likely 95 percent effective.

“Not too many parking fails seem to happen here because the double lines have the effect of creating more accurate parking. “Supermarket car parks are renowned for a high degree of car damage but not so here.” Viewers have described the feature as ‘genius’ and ‘such a great idea’, with another person who experienced the car park firsthand saying it was an ‘absolutely elite parking experience’. Of course, the risk of a collision is rarely zero when cars are moving around in the compact space of a parking lot, but the added space between cars will certainly make it less likely.






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