Malia Obama, 25, receives mixed reactions after ‘tacky’ red carpet appearance

Malia Obama, the daughter of former US President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, made her highly anticipated red carpet debut last week.

She was all smiles alongside her colleagues at the Sundance Film Festival during the premiere of The Heart on Thursday (January 18).

Stepping into the limelight, Malia showed off her distinctive style – catching the attention of fashion enthusiasts and film buffs alike. Though, the reactions were rather mixed… Keep reading to find out what happened!

For her red carpet appearance, Malia decided on a fashion-forward ensemble, donning a long, oversized gray coat and pairing it with a casual striped blue shirt and knee-high boots.

Though, as with many female celebrities, the online community felt compelled to give their opinions on her appearance, each one suddenly becoming fashion experts.

After Good Morning America posted a photo of her outfit to Instagram, many users took to the comments section to praise her look, saying they “love her style” and “classy look.”

However, opinions were diverse, and some critiques surfaced, suggesting that Malia “needs a wardrobe consultant.” Someone else added: “Dressed like this for the red carpet? Tacky.” One observer remarked on the choice of a simple gray coat, labeling it as “thrifty,” while another noted an “indie” vibe in Malia’s fashion sense.

While the public discussion focused on her fashion choices, Malia’s red carpet appearance was not the sole focus of her outing. In fact, it marked an important milestone in her growing career in the film industry. At just 25 years old, Malia has already established herself as a presence in Hollywood, contributing to the writers’ room for Donald Glover’s upcoming Amazon series.

Donald Glover, a talented actor and musician renowned for his own creative prowess, praised Malia’s abilities, telling Vanity Fair that she was as an “amazingly talented person.” Despite her high-profile background, Malia is described as a “regular person like everybody else” in the writers’ room. Her journey into the film industry has steadily progressed, starting with several internships and a role as a production assistant.

Malia’s made her writing debut on Donald Glover’s Prime Video series, Swarm, where she was commended by Glover for her unique and promising writing style, according to ET! Online. Clearly, she’s an emerging figure to watch in the entertainment industry.

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