Royal Family drama: Rose Hanbury addresses Prince William affair rumours

Rose Hanbury has firmly denied recent allegations of an affair with Prince William, according to a recent report.

The Marchioness of Cholmondeley, often pronounced “Chumley,” has found herself at the center of rumors once again. These allegations, which have been circulating for years, were recently reignited by internet sleuths speculating about Kate Middleton’s health.

One particularly popular, yet entirely unsubstantiated, conspiracy theory that has gained traction suggests that Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, are on the brink of divorce.

According to these rumors, the British media is allegedly preparing the public for Prince William’s next relationship with Hanbury by reintroducing her name into the public discourse.

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert even dedicated part of his opening monologue to the rumours last Tuesday. (You can watch below.)

In a recent story by Business Insider, Rose Hanbury’s lawyers stated that “the rumors are completely false.”
This marks the first time Hanbury has publicly addressed the gossip. According to Business Insider, Kensington Palace, representing the Prince and Princess of Wales, has “declined to comment.”
The origins of the rumours.

In 2019, rumors of a rift between Rose Hanbury, Prince William, and Kate Middleton surfaced, with tabloids claiming the royal couple had a falling out with the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. Allegations of an affair between Prince William and Hanbury also emerged, suggesting he cheated on his wife while she was pregnant with Prince Louis.

Kensington Palace denied these rumors.
Recently, speculation about Middleton’s health has reignited the gossip. Following her abdominal surgery earlier this year, royal watchers scrutinized a photo released by Kensington Palace showing Middleton without her wedding rings, fueling further rumors about potential marital issues.






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